By the way...

Its been gorgeous.

Hudge... Whatever.

Being the big boss man, Hudge apparently feels that he can disappear for days on end, riding footloose and fancy free on his super sickle motorized glitter bike. Heres some recent stuff from that bag of dirt. I know, only one tatty photo. Youre tellin me.

Young Manders. Handling.

Breakin records, hearts and wind. Killin it.


Here are some new products from the crippled mind of Ron Hendrix. Eat it up kitties.


Well its been only been a quarter of year since we last posted on here, so its probably time to get back to it. Despite it being Winter time, the shop has been doing just fine. Tats gettin tatted and flash gettin painted. Boom. Thats whats up. Heres some newer stuff from our resident wierdo, painting maker, baby haver and all around bad ass, Nick Vargas. DIG IT.


In case you didnt know, young Manders has been coming up lately. Well done. Get tattooed by her!


Our friendly neighborhood Corona started his chest with Ron a bit back. Dont have picture of the tattoo just yet but this pretty good on its own. Enjoy.

New Shirts Y'all!



sorry its been a while since our last post but we be busy n sheet!
Plus too much funny stuff goin on to make heads of tails of it all!


Oh Yeah.

Sorry ladies. Rons taken. You can look, just dont touch.

Popped Cherries

Ah, a first tattoo. There's nothing quite like the first tattoo in a young man or womans life. Young Gabe came in last week to get his first tattoo by giving his hippo birth mark a nice pond to drink from and some trees for shade. Lookin good Gabe. Lookin good.


so its been a while since the last post but it's been busy! things are goin pretty good here at the F/U's!!


Face Tats

Our buddy Heffer from Monterey came up to get his face rocked by Genghis Ron. Yikes.

"F/U" one piece shader tubes for sale!!

here's some pics of the F/U tube 2.0 ! 7mags, 9mags, 11mags, 13mags. Thankyou to all of you who have been waiting forever! I got a decent stock now and all the machining problems have been worked out! thank shit! You wouldn't think these little things could be such a righteous pain in the ass!, but it looks like were good to go! so call and order some before I have some new problem to work out!


Well I Did'nt think it would ever happen but we've got all the bugs worked out of the one piece shader tube! QUITE THE NIGHTMARE! i'll now have 7s, 9s, 11s, and 13s. I don't have a pic to put up right now but i will a,s,a,p.

Did we mention we went to the Boardwalk!

Ron Getting Ready to Work on His Chest...

Has Anyone Ever Seen This Happen?

the armature bar nipple literally fell off mid tattoo.
against the odds, with grit and determination, the tattoo got finished.

More Mark and Ron...

Terribly accurate portraits done by Derek, shop dude.


an attempt at a night out with the beer bottle drop twins!