By the way...

Its been gorgeous.

Hudge... Whatever.

Being the big boss man, Hudge apparently feels that he can disappear for days on end, riding footloose and fancy free on his super sickle motorized glitter bike. Heres some recent stuff from that bag of dirt. I know, only one tatty photo. Youre tellin me.

Young Manders. Handling.

Breakin records, hearts and wind. Killin it.


Here are some new products from the crippled mind of Ron Hendrix. Eat it up kitties.


Well its been only been a quarter of year since we last posted on here, so its probably time to get back to it. Despite it being Winter time, the shop has been doing just fine. Tats gettin tatted and flash gettin painted. Boom. Thats whats up. Heres some newer stuff from our resident wierdo, painting maker, baby haver and all around bad ass, Nick Vargas. DIG IT.