Girly Tattoo Design Ideas - A Man's Perspective

You recognize many people say girls opt to have cute fairy tattoos to represent their caring nature. Where is the fun in that? What would a girlie tattoo design idea be with out a little spice and rebellion? I love nothing greater than women with attractive ink. My list of designs that you can fathom over are below. No order to these mind you.

1. Wings- Freedom, inspiration, memorial,, to name a few. In my opinion, color does nothing for wings, black and grey or solid black work prove to be a good fit for this tattoo. Avoid the back for placement unless you are prepared to choose a full back piece. Nothing looks weirder than a tiny couple of wings on someones back. Add your girly flair, one could be broken for example. Feathers aren’t really the only things that could make up an adequate set of wings, how about black tribal wings or wings crafted from shattered glass, daggers, rifles. The purpose is to be creative. Portraits, Black and grey portraits done properly can look amazing. But to hold the theme alive with girly tattoo design ideas again the creativity has to come alive. Have your artist add a intensely colorful background that wraps the portrait. A Brilliant colorful coy fish & flower mix or perhaps floral and cherry blossoms. The Black and Grey mixed with a strong color background can really be an eye catcher if done by the right artist.

Star Tattoo Designs and Considerations For Men and Women

The number of star tattoo designs available for women and men is virtually limitless. This is not surprising. Since tattooing is an art form, the only design limitations are those relating to the level of creativity for any given tattoo artist. So if what you are after is an eagle soaring in front of a red sun off of your left shoulder or a terrifying skull sitting on your left triceps just glaring at anyone daring to look at it, you should have no difficulty finding an artist to do it.

Before taking the plunge, it is important to remember that a tattoo is permanent. So be prepared that there may be repercussions to you as you go through life. You might find the ideal man or woman, only to discover that they loathe tattoos. Your boss may invite you to a day at the beach, see your star tattoo, and find it utterly unprofessional. And years later you should be prepared to field questions about it from your grandchildren.