Girly Tattoo Design Ideas - A Man's Perspective

You recognize many people say girls opt to have cute fairy tattoos to represent their caring nature. Where is the fun in that? What would a girlie tattoo design idea be with out a little spice and rebellion? I love nothing greater than women with attractive ink. My list of designs that you can fathom over are below. No order to these mind you.

1. Wings- Freedom, inspiration, memorial,, to name a few. In my opinion, color does nothing for wings, black and grey or solid black work prove to be a good fit for this tattoo. Avoid the back for placement unless you are prepared to choose a full back piece. Nothing looks weirder than a tiny couple of wings on someones back. Add your girly flair, one could be broken for example. Feathers aren’t really the only things that could make up an adequate set of wings, how about black tribal wings or wings crafted from shattered glass, daggers, rifles. The purpose is to be creative. Portraits, Black and grey portraits done properly can look amazing. But to hold the theme alive with girly tattoo design ideas again the creativity has to come alive. Have your artist add a intensely colorful background that wraps the portrait. A Brilliant colorful coy fish & flower mix or perhaps floral and cherry blossoms. The Black and Grey mixed with a strong color background can really be an eye catcher if done by the right artist.
2. One of my personal favorites would be the classic pinup girls. Not just any pin up girl, a devil girl pinup. Red hot and slightly scandalous. Bright, shiny red full figured women aided by the classic devil tail and horns. Fully pre-loaded with a domineering persona. Excellent for the strong willed inked up girly. The ribcage or the side of the hip is a favorite placement of mine for the pinup of any style.

3. These are just three of my preferred girly tattoo design ideas. Let your imagination free, hopefully my two cents will aid to your creativity. Dont forget to include that rebel side and keep it unique to you. Why else would you be searching for a tattoo? I'd love to listen to your ideas and plans for the tattoo. Get in touch with me to obtain some tattoo visual aids, pictures and videos. I have managed to get a large assortment over the years. Good luck on your search for your girly tattoo design ideas.