Did we mention we went to the Boardwalk!

Ron Getting Ready to Work on His Chest...

Has Anyone Ever Seen This Happen?

the armature bar nipple literally fell off mid tattoo.
against the odds, with grit and determination, the tattoo got finished.

More Mark and Ron...

Terribly accurate portraits done by Derek, shop dude.


an attempt at a night out with the beer bottle drop twins!

2MEX @ F*U..... this phone is tapped...

so here at F/U we know its officially spring with the arrival of the infamous annual MIKI painting. "THEN YA HAD TO GO AND DO THIS!! AND COMPLETELY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!


So a few of us from the shop played hookey for a few hours hours on sunday! got stoned, and went to the boardwalk for a ride on the GIANT DIPPER. In and out in about an hour. The perfect amount of time to spend there, if you ask me. I actually can't remember the last time I was there in the daytime. So I don't have any pics to post of the event but I'll bet we'll do it again soon! Next time we're gona ride it twice!! Here's some dragons by the way.

sorry! !@#$#%!

OH NO! motorcycle shit!

I couldnt hold out any longer. motos now up in here! MORT!


keep the rubber side dowN!



no stoppin' the RON!


Nick hides all his photos from me so this is all I could get! ENJOY!

Girls and some nice roses. I am quite exited about the way these photos look full size, click on em!
blog is up and running! new stuff on a regular basis i promise.